Yannik Peschke

Interaction Designer



I am an Interaction Design student at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany.

3D artworks and Graphic Design were my gateways to the creative community. While working as a Graphic Designer at George P. Johnson, I learned a lot about how clients think and how I as a designer can contribute to their visions.

A user-centered mindset and a curiosity in working with technology turned out to be a good starting point to switch from traditional print-oriented Graphic Design to the interactive world of digital media.

This transition led to a more functional and structured approach to my work. Designing without a framework based on functionality and usability was no longer satisfying.

I have always been into creating digital media and new experiences. Challenges inspire my enthusiasm for design. Besides designing I am focusing on learning new skills in CGI as well as Software Development.

If I am not busy with any work related stuff you usually find me in the climbing gym, riding my bike, playing the guitar or on a skiing trip with my friends.