Geo Stories

Geo Stories is a Locative Game allowing you to Create and Play Interactive Geocaches.


Geo Stories is a locative mobile game motivating players to explore nature. It allows the player to create and play interactive geocaches with an unique, fully customizable character.

Based on the original idea of Geocaching, further developments were implemented to enable the player to play, write and create own storylines in which other players can dive into. Each story consists of several GPS-tracked game nodes. In order to complete a story, the player has to accomplish every single game node. Game nodes are small pieces of the story containing a text message linked to a mini-game.

The goal was to create a stylized and fun game for adults an kids by combining technology and nature.

How to find Stories

Stories can be found on the map screen. It is used to find the first game node of a story. All further nodes have to be discovered by following an in-game compass.

Fully customizable avatar

The profile screen displays information about the player's avatar and game progress. Each player has an fully customizable, individual avatar. By completing stories, players are rewarded with in-game items. In-game items serve as cosmetics and do not influence the game. All collected items are accessible in the player's "bag".

Create your own story

Players can create their own custom made Geo Stories in the creation system. Each individual step, called game node, consists of a representative icon, text message and a linked mini-game. Players can add up different combinations of game nodes to create their own adventures.

Dive into the adventure

PIf the player arrives at the first game node, the mini-game begins. The player has to complete the given task in order to get further instructions.


I learned a lot about the Unity 3D Framework and the process of making a game in general. The necessity of hand painted assets turned out to be the most exciting experience of the whole process since I didn't have any experience it drawing before.