The Journey of Ray

The Journey of Ray is a two dimensional Jump-'n'-Run with focus on usability and strong storytelling.


The idea of creating a video game which incorporates the basic usability rules of Interaction Design, came up during some research for university.

The audio-visual voncept of The Journey of Ray is based on a self-written storyline. This approach ensures a cohesive an believable game environment the player can dive into.


The Story

The game is set in a fantasy world inspired by the Lower Himalayan Range. The litte Ray and her mother live near a small village at the foot of a big mountain. Ray's mother is priestess serving the local gods in a huge temple inside the mountain. The people of the village lost the religious connection to their ancient gods and the old traditions and rites are no more than fairy tales.

The young generations are bondaged of greed and started to mine precious minerals inside the ancient temple. The game starts with Ray awakening from sleep at night. Her mother is gone and she is all alone. Ray leaves her home to find the priestess of the mountain, not knowing where this journey would lead to...

Asset Creation

All visual elements in The Journey of Ray and hand painted in Photoshop. Painting game assets speeds up the content creation process drastically. Due to a tight time schedule and small team size, this approach is necessary to finish all assets in time. However, the hand painted art style of The Journey of Ray delivers a unique and aesthetic visual appearance.


I learned a lot about the Unity 3D Framework and the process of making a game in general. The necessity of hand painted assets turned out to be the most exciting experience of the whole process since I didn't have any experience it drawing before.